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Materi Kls X

Degrees of comparison

Positive Degrees

This kind of comparison compares two equal things as the same quality.
S + to be + as + adjective + as + O
Jack is as strong as an elephant.
Santi is as beautiful as Heni.
We are as diligent as them
My car is as expensive as his car
Mr. Harry is as rich as Mr. John

Comparative Degree
This kind of comparison tells the difference between two things.
a. For one syllable words, add –er
S + to be + adjective + er + than + O
The motorcycle is cheaper than the car.
The elephant is bigger than the horse
The mountain is higher than the hill
The car is faster than the motorcycle
Doni is shorter than Anton
Indah is smarter than Rahmad
Suci is better than her sister

Adjective of two or more syllables follow the word more in the comparative
S + to be + more + adjective + than + O
Jane is more beautiful than her sister
The car is more expensive than motorcycle
Sofa is more comfortable than chair
Math is more difficult than English
Gold is more valuable than silver
Pizza is more delicious than noodle
Taufan is more handsome than Joko

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